I’m going to tell you stories of men and women, stories of two souls and their love, overall.

I’m a wedding photographer and I have an important task: making the memory of your best day a never-ending one, to make you live those feelings and joys you felt that day, again and again every time you’ll watch my pictures.

This is why I always prefer to say that my style is storytelling.

The keyword in my way of being a wadding photographer is spontaneity, room for emotions, magic and beauty in your special day.

On this webpage you’ll find a summary of the love stories I had the honor to capture.

From the first to the last one, these pictures guard a sequence of emotions and moments, never forced or chased but rather captured.

I love being a wedding photographer. If you’re looking for a 100% spontaneity, you’ll find it in every of my pictures.

Don’t miss my couples’ thoughts at the end of each story: a direct testimony of their day and something about me…